So Discovery Channel has a rerun on now, and I ended up watching Tucker Carlson on MSNBC.  It’s been 24 minutes, and I’ve wanted to throw up several times over…

First, Tucker has a problem with a 7 year old who had a poem that – HONESTLY – pointed out how bad Columbus was.  Columbus himself kept journals and stated how he killed blacks.  This little girl, during Black History Month, called for black unity, and black power.  Tucker equated what she was calling for, to that of a 7 year old Aryan Nation child spewing hate.  How wrong can he be?

Next guest – a woman who represents gay and lesbian parents in adoptions, on Catholic Charities decision to stop assisting the adoption of children in Massachusettes.  Why did they?  Because Catholic Charities will not stop discriminating against gays and lesbians.  Catholic Charities has a contract with the state, and the state has a law outlawing discrimination against gays and lesbians.  Tucker kept saying how horrible it was for the children.  What about the people being discriminated against?  Tucker Carlson has proven that he doesn’t hold any respect for gays and lesbians.  He’s a right wing nutjob that – both guests tonight so far – has proven he couldn’t care less about minorities.

By walterh

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