In my own back yard, no less!!

A student of a West Linn, Oregon school was expelled for including a same-sex snuggling scene (check the link for the picture – quite innocent!) in a student project movie he created, inspired by “Brokeback Mountain”. This heterosexual student was making a stand, making a movie that showed tolerance. And what does the West Linn school district do to repay him? They’ve told him they’ll pay for his last 2 months of school to attend Clackamas Community College, and allow him to be a guest at his own prom. He will get to walk the stage with his classmates for graduation – wow, what an allowance.

What a load of crap! Seeing as how I’m a couple of towns over from West Linn, I know I’ll be throwing this back in the face of the School Board and the Principal!

By walterh

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