Why is it that the Conservatives always claim that the sky is falling? Now that Air America, the new Liberal talk radio network has launched, it’s been declared “a failure” by Conservatives (click for story). Any surprise there?

What it hilarious is that their “evidence” is in the form of online polls. Not scientific, always vulnerable to freeping (ballotbox stuffing), and not respected as valid. All the writer does is insult the Air America hosts and cite this false information as evidence. Why? Because they know that they can’t honestly beat it, so they just decide to bash it. That’s the only thing they know how to do. Liberal Talk Radio: It Has Already Failed!
Written by Richard Mullenax
Friday, April 02, 2004

March 31 has come and gone for the newly launched liberal talk-radio program dubbed ”Air America” and it already looks grimmer than the black plague.

The mainstream media has been parading around this ”Great Left-Wing Hope” for several weeks, believing it’s going to create some major changes.

Air America promised it was going to put an end to the right-wing dominance of talk-radio along with many goals for the future.

I guess these people must work at Subway because their hype and wishful thinking is full of baloney!

One of the premium goals of the people at Air American was to own five radio stations before they went on the air. However, I guess their movement for triumph went south since they ended up buying programming time from six lowly rated stations. A pretty lofty ambition if they plan to beat conservative talk radio hosts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

If that wasn’t enough, the poll results have been staggering. On AOL.com, in association with the New York Times, the list of polls state that the majority of people aren’t buying into Air America and its brand of left-wing hooligans.

Let me break down Air America’s three prime shows and its poll numbers. The question asked by AOL was ”Rate the person’s appeal as a Radio Host.”

On the 9:00 AM slot, you have a show called ”Unfiltered” hosted by a thug rapper named Chuck D. Chuck D belongs to a band called Public Enemy. What a terrific image for a group that plans to take back America.

Feel free to disagree with me if you wish, but the AOL Poll seems to be in my favor. A large 70% felt that static was better than listening to Chuck D, 16% thought the show was worth a try, and 14% thought he was a ”must-listen.” Over 78,813 people voted on this poll.

Filling in the noon slot, you have ”The O’Franken Factor” hosted by loud-mouth weasel, Al Franken. The title of the program is a parody of a much more successful talk show called ”The O’Reilly Factor.” Both Franken and O’Reilly have been going at it tooth and nail for the last year and leave it to Franken to fight dirty with using a mock name to get listeners. After all, it’s what he does best.

Once again, the poll goes against Al Franken: 55% of the people would rather listen to static, 34% believe he is a ”must-listen” and 11% believe he is worth a try. Not decent numbers for a man that plans to take Hannity and Limbaugh down in the ratings. Over 106,632 people voted on this very interesting census.

Occupying the eight o’clock primetime spot is actress and comedian Janeane Garofalo, host of ”The Majority Report.” I guess Janeane believes she has radio experience since she played as a radio-talk personality in one of her movies entitled: ”The Truth about Cats and Dogs.” I’ve noticed that entertainers seem believe they are what they pretend to be. Something I believe is a dangerous notion if you stop and think about it.

As for the poorly misguided title of her show, I guess she couldn’t use ”The Minority Report” in fear that Steven Spielberg might sue her. According to over 89,733 people, 62% believe that static is better to listen to, 24% believe she’s a ”must-listen,” while a whopping 14% believe she is worth a try.

It looks as if Air America will be facing a very bitter future if the opinion polls mean anything.

Some whiny liberals will claim that I’m being unfair or biased to Air America and it’s list of failing hosts, but their argument will hold no merit. I did not get my sources from NewsMax or a FNC Poll, but from AOL News, an affiliate with the New York Times.

I know some have been waiting for a liberal program like this to hit the airwaves for quite sometime, but it’s very hard to take a project like this seriously when its roster is made up of mostly comedians, stage performers and thug rappers.

The main reason why Air America will fail is that people want real political talk-show programs, and if they wanted a dose of comedy relief, they would tune into ”The Daily Show.” Come to think of it, Lizz Winstead, a comedian and a creator of ”The Daily Show,” will be co-hosting with Chuck D on Friday morning.

Wow, what a coincidence!

Richard Mullenax is an author and political columnist based in Cleveland, Ohio. He has a website at www.richardmullenax.com and receives e-mail at: thenospinkid@aol.com.

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