In response to the US Military policy of discharging gay and lesbian soldiers, many Universities in the United States retaliated by kicking ROTC off of their campuses. See, most Universities, being liberal minded (you won’t find Bob Jones in THAT list!) have a policy of not tolerating sexual orientation discrimination. They have led the Nation in nixxing discrimination of all kinds.

But now, there’s a new Federal law that gives the US Secretary of Defense sole discretion to pull any Federal funding from a University, if s/he deems that the University isn’t giving the ROTC full access to the University’s students and campus (click for story). Judge, juror, and executioner. Nice, eh? So our Universities, already hurting for money during this downturn we’ve been in, can have their Federal funds pulled. Berkeley threaten the Republican establishment? Pull their money. Oregon State declare non-discrimination the norm? Pull their money.

Republicans have done damage to every single group in the United States. From exporting our jobs, to giving our children trillions in debt, to killing us all off slowly by increasing arsenic in our drinking water and pollution in our air. How the hell can they have ANY type of base at all??!?!

By walterh

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