In the two short years since this Nation has brought out it’s reasoning for war, to starting the war, to now help “stabilize a Democratic Iraq”, we have gone from images of mushroom clouds as Iraq’s great threat to the United States, to now pondering if he thought about starting up a program (click for story). The Bush Administration, in it’s ever wavering and always wandering justification for the war, has now decided that the focus will now be thought process.

Let’s get this clear folks. We’ve evolved from:

1. Mushroom Cloud
2. Weapons of Mass Destruction
3. Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs
4. Weapons of Mass Destruction Related Program Activities
5. Weapons of Mass Destruction Related Program Activities and Thought Processes

And people STILL support Bush, and think he’s doing a great job on the terrorism front. Have we all just completely lost it?

By walterh

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