Independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader said tonight, “The Democrats should just stop whining and go to work. They should be landsliding Bush.” (click for story) And you know what? He’s honestly right.

There are some Democrats out there that are as unwilling to let go of blaming Ralph Nader of basically handing the 2000 election to George Bush, just like the great number of Republicans who are unwilling to let go of Clinton and his Intern. Yes, Nader cost Gore votes where it counted. Yes, we wouldn’t be in the mess of the Bush Administration if Nader hadn’t run. Nader screwed us all.

But that’s in the past. Democrats need to recognize it, understand it, and get past it. What we need to be doing is kicking some serious Bush butt. None of this DLC “kinder, gentler” crap. None of this agreeable crap. None of letting Bush get a word in edgewise. We all need to come out swinging, and not let up until every Republican is back in the pigpen, like the swine they are.

We NEED DNC Chairman Terry McCauliffe to step down and be replaced by Howard Dean. And you know what? With Dean and Kerry talking so much lately, and McCauliffe’s job coming up for review at the end of this year, I bet it’ll happen. Anyone taking bets?

By walterh

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