OK, so it was recently ruled by the Colorado Supreme Court that the Republican redistricting that occured recently, after Colorado was redistricted for the 2000 Census, was unconstitutional. It turns out that, yes, it was Gerrymandering. Now the Texas Supreme Court has ruled that the same redistricting that has gone on there, multiple times since 2000, is legal.

I normally don’t criticize the Judicial branch of our government, except Sandra Day O’Connor, but hey, everyone’s gotta have a hobby. But seriously, having two very distinct rulings on the same subject within weeks of each other is just not right. Look for the United States Supreme Court to give the final word on this. And when they do, they’ll see right through the Repugnant Republican smokescreen. At least the Texas Democrats won’t be spending extra money heading to New Mexico or Oklahoma….hopefully!

By walterh

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