So there’s a new Miss America crowned.  She’s beautiful, she’s talented – and oh yeah, she’s of Indian descent.

CNN did an article on the racists and how they came out of the woodwork to insult the new Miss America.  But there’s something in the article that just makes my blood boil.  Here it is (emphasis mine):

Despite a night of firsts, a tired theme emerged following Davuluri’s victory: Racists took to Twitter to lambaste the pageant for picking an Indian-American. They were none too kind to Davuluri herself, either, with one particularly uninformed tweeter calling her a Muslim.

Seriously, CNN?  Since when is being called a Muslim something bad?  This is not just ridiculous, but it’s bad reporting as well.

But then again, what do you expect from “info-tainment news”?

By walterh

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