Now that Prop 8 has been sent back to California, and DOMA is dead, Rachel Maddow said something about inequalities between LGBT couples married in a state like Iowa, California, or Washington, and then moving on to a state like Utah or Mississippi where marriage equality is against the law.  Up in Michigan, there’s a lesbian couple that a Federal judge has ruled can challenge Michigan’s ban on marriage equality.

Is this the case that will ultimately bring marriage equality nationwide?

Like in Loving v. Virginia, a mixed-race couple got married outside of Virginia, then returned to their homestate, only to be jailed for simply marrying.  It went to the Supreme Court, where of course interracial marriage was deemed constitutional, and the couple was seen as married nationwide.  Loving v. Virginia also struck down interracial marriage bans across the country.  Now I’m wondering if this case, the DeBoer and Rowse case in Michigan, will be that case – the Loving v. Virginia case to bring marriage equality, striking down all state constitutional bans.

I’d watch this case close, especially if the couple is married in another state or country.  It could have nationwide implications…

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