Like this is news to anyone in the GLBT community.  Ever since their merger, ExxonMobil has been no friend of the GLBT community, and probably never will.  At least not until the current generation of management is ousted.

But I’m specifically talking about ExxonMobil discriminating against applicants that are GLBT in hiring practices.  A little test was done where 2 nearly identical resumes were sent in – one was a woman with a good GPA at college that had indicated she volunteered at LGBT organizations.  The other was similar, but had worse grades – but didn’t have anything to indicate the applicant was anything but heterosexual.

The “heterosexual” resume got the callback.

This doesn’t surprise me at all, especially since I’ve personally been through two different jobs that had “problems” with me being homosexual.  I left those jobs and never looked back.  And anyone who works at ExxonMobil or who is looking for a job there, may I suggest you leave for a company that appreciates you for you?

By walterh

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