Sometimes it really surprises me how “outraged” republicans can be over something innocuous, or even miniscule.  But something big by republicans?  It’s glossed over like, “Who cares?”

Case in point.  Remember back in 2003 when there was an uproar over a submission of a commercial where someone compared George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler?  People were up in arms!  And they still are.  I mean, just in 2009, some guy said that Rachel Maddow lied when she said didn’t have such an ad.  This guy is so disingenuous that you’d think actually did this.  But no, it’s been proven that did no such thing – not that any whackjob with their own agenda (and no tolerance for facts or truth) will admit it.  (And I love the irony that any teabagger can whip out a picture of Obama with a Hitler mustache and call it “freedom of expression”).

But this latest whackjob idiocy comes from the Kansas Speaker of the House, Michael O’Neal.  There’s the typical namecalling, which I expect from republicans (because who needs cogent facts when you can call the first lady “Mrs. YoMama” and the like?).  But he’s also been emailing around quoting a Psalm from the bible that states:

“May his days be few; and let another take his office.”

So everyone on the right goes into a rage when someone compares Bush to Hitler, but it’s okay for people on the right – leaders on the right – to openly pray for the President of the United States to die?  That’s bullshit.  Speaker O’Neal, you need to be ashamed of yourself, and you need to resign your office.

By walterh

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