I saw that the students of Penn State were rioting last night, in support of their long time football coach, who was fired.  You can do that, sure.  You can support the man.  But by supporting a man who “looked the other way” on the issue of child rape, you’re showing what an asshat you really are.

I’m serious.  Asshats.

None of these people are concerned about the 9 people who were sexually abused.  They’re mad because their football coach was fired.

Since when does the love of football trump our love and concern for our fellow man?  That’s just disheartening.  And to those of you that wreaked havoc by your violent actions (tipping over a news van), do you feel better about yourselves?  Or are you just even bigger asshats than those that can’t see past football to the abuse perpetrated on 9 human beings?

By walterh

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