The internet is a wonderful thing – for people like me who like to dig around to find things.

Previously, I’d posted a story from that talked about Michele Bachmann, among others, who used taxpayer dollars for a political rally.  You can read that story here.  Then I decided to go digging through her website.  And I found something quite interesting.

If you go through her website (use this link) you’ll find the following archived stories for 2009. Here’s an image (clickable):

Michele Bachmann's live website











Now, if you’re familiar with the wonderful thing that is the Internet Wayback Machine (, you can plug that same website into the search engine, and it takes us back to how her website looked less than a month after the supposed “press conference” took place.  Here’s what you’ll see (clickable):

Michele Bachmann's ARCHIVED website

Wow… There’s an article there from November 2nd, 2009.  Wonder why that’s been removed, eh?  So let’s just take a gander.  You can click here to read it (or, just in case she gets it deleted), a cached copy here:


Michele Bachmann deleted press release


















So, Michele?  Since when do Congressmen have press conferences WITH ACTORS AND REPUBLICAN TALK RADIO HOSTS?  Umm, never?  No – never.  This wasn’t a press conference.  It was a Republican Tea Party rally, plain and simple.

You and the other three representatives (Tom Price R-GA, Steve King R-MO, and Todd Akin, R-MO) need to EACH cough up $3,407.50.  I don’t think you’d like it if Barney Frank (D-MA) used public funds for a Democratic rally, and neither would I.  A political rally should be paid with POLITICAL dollars, not TAXPAYER dollars.

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