There is an uproar brewing about CNN, and it’s just getting uglier and uglier.

Seems that CNN is trying to do something about it’s ratings.  Let’s see now, who has higher ratings than CNN?  Why, that would be FOX News, right?  So what does CNN do?  They announce proudly that they are hiring founder – and HATE monger – Erick Erickson.

Well, yes, that is their perogative.  They are a business, and want ratings and sensationalism (see previous post about two headlines), and they are going to get it with Erickson.  You know like how Erickson calls First Lady Michelle Obama a “Marxist Harpy”.  Or equated gay people with pedophiles.  Or that the GOP doesn’t want ANY minorities in the Senate.  And don’t ask what he thinks about US Supreme Court Justice Souter.  It’s too vile.

So there you have it.  CNN is putting forth a right-wing blowhard with his own whacked out agenda.  Oh, and what liberal did they hire when they hired Erickson?  Nobody, of course.  Seriously CNN; you’re not even trying anymore.

There is now a movement called “Dump CNN”.  You can find the Twitter page here, and the Facebook group here.  I’ve unfollowed all CNN sources within Twitter, and told them why.  And now, I refuse to turn to CNN for news at all.  Plus, we’re lobbying to get the CNN feed here at work (on four different TVs around the office) turned off or turned to something completely different.

So, CNN.  Do what you want.  I’ve made my choice, and it no longer includes watching your channel.  Remember what happened when Glenn Beck said that President Obama was a racist?  Yeah, dozens of sponsors left his program and/or FOX News.  Welcome to the FOX-fold, CNN!

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