Okay, I have to admit that at times, I can be a control freak.  But it is only because when I see something is misguided and not firing on all cylinders, I want to make it right for all those concerned.  It’s this reason that I want to go to the White House and be put in charge of our healthcare planning.  Here is what I would do:

First thing that happens is to empower every single person that is visible, and even those that aren’t considered in visible positions, to go out and make a push for healthcare.  I don’t care if you run the White House briefing room, or if you are a staff person.  You should push for healthcare.

And what about the push itself?  It would have to be a concert of the same message coming out of every single person’s mouth.  I want to hear the same thing coming from Obama’s mouth that I hear coming from Sebelius’, Rahm’s, and Clinton’s.  A powerful message that says that healthcare is a right, and that the plan that puts people before insurance companies is what is on the table – and it is non-negotiable.

Next, I would develop a set of vocabulary, and I would lead with the all powerful word LIE.  I want the word “lie” to be in every single person’s speech at least a dozen times.  Like, “You know when the Republicans are trying to scare you, all they are doing is lying.  That’s it.  All a lie.”  That word is POWERFUL.  It calls out the bastards for what they’re doing, and it makes the public do the Scooby Do “Rwah?” and pay attention.

How about attacking the right-wing polls and calling them out for what they’re doing?  You know like, “When polled, Americans overwhelmingly want a public option.  But these politically-slanted polls that trick the public with mis-directing questions and then get picked up by the health insurance companies as “evidence” – that’s a bunch of bullcrap.  And they know it.”

Put Obama and other high profile officials at retirement communities.  Tell the seniors that we protected them with Medicare back in 1965, and we will continue to protect them and their GOVERNMENT SPONSORED Medicare program now and in the future.  Then say, “We give every senior healthcare now.  Isn’t it our moral obligation to help your kids and your grandkids, too?”.

Last, I would make a set of phrases and ultimatums.  You know, like GWB did.  “You’re either with us, or you’re with the profit-driven insurance companies.”  That would be a good one to start with.  Then I would go after the Republicans saying, “We tried, we compromised, and it did no good.  Now you can see for yourself that it’s only the Democratic Party that’s working for your families healthcare.”

By walterh

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