Okay, so I wasn’t born until late 1967, and I don’t remember this myself.  But the feelings are the same.  Watch NOM’s latest commercial (you can find it here) talking about “activist judges” and “forcing gay marriage on Iowa”.  Then take a step back and think about 1967 and interracial marriage.

You know, back in the 1960s, not every state allowed interracial marriage.  That’s why the case of Loving v. Virginia is so important.  The Supreme Court ruled that the ban was Unconstitutional.  And no, it wasn’t a popular subject; if you were to “put it to a vote”, it probably would not have passed.

Just because a popular vote comes from the people does NOT mean that it is fair or just.  But NOM doesn’t understand that.  They only understand uglyness, ignorance, and intolerance.

Read some of the arguments against interracial marriage.  Replace the race words with gay or lesbian.  They hold the same meaning; using religion to create intolerance, hate, and to oppress a minority.

By walterh

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