This is just so blatantly awful that it is not even funny anymore.  FOX News is whining because ABC News will have an exclusive with the President.  So what do they do?  They go off about “This has never happened before” and “We haven’t seen this type of access to a President in decades.”  Decades?  Try MONTHS.  FOX News had it’s collective head up the Bush Administration’s ass for so long, that I’m surprised George W. Bush doesn’t have the imprint of Hannity’s helmet-hair on his colon wall!

But you know what?  It actually IS starting to stick.  I have overheard people actually talking about this, parroting FOX!  Those people are just mindless automatons though, I swear.

Want proof?  The good people at DailyKos have the video proof.  Click here to watch.

By walterh

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