Yea Gods these Republicans these days are stupid… TEABAG parties?  Seriously… Wildmon, please.  Click on THIS link if you want to know what teabagging is.  Or THIS one if you want to get graphic.

But what is ironic is that Wildmon’s, FOX News’, and other morons website, has a little display of the US National Debt that continues to tick up and up.  It’s clickable, and takes you to  Interesting thing is, goes OFF on Republicans and how stupid they are being.  Oh yeah.  So the moron Wildmon and his ilk are even stupider than we originally thought!

Nevermind that Wildmon, who gets more than $170,000 in salary, expenses, and other perks per year, and FOX News contributors that get on the magnitude of $20,000,000 per year (plus other perks),  much less El-Rushbo getting $40,000,000 per year (plus other perks) are lying to their listeners.  The fact is, most of their working audience got a tax BREAK.  Yes, 95% of working families got a tax BREAK from President Obama.  But go back to that article and look at the budget deficit.  Where were Wildmon, FOX News, and Rush when Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush were running up those massive deficits?

If  anyone is a hypocrit and manipulates people, it would be the idiots at AFA, FOX News, and el-Rushbo.

By walterh

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