The Employee Free Choice Act that has been introduced in Congress is an act that will help unionization withing the United States.  Unions are what built this nation, though they have been demonized for years.  For instance, there has been the lie about the UAW and lineworkers at GM, Ford, and Chrysler making $70 per hour.  Truth or lie?  LIE!  And a big one at that.  Those workers are actually making an average of $26 to $28 dollars per hour, or around $60,000 per year.  Is that outrageous?  I think not!

Which brings us back to the House and Senate.  There have been some high profile Senators on both sides of this issue.  It should be a no-brainer for Democrats, correct?  Think again.  Arkansas Democrat Blanche Lincoln has said she cannot support the legislation.  Why would she, you ask?  Let’s see, what giant corporation that has a history of not treating workers well, much less legally, and has a history of union busting using potentially illegal means?  Yeah, that would be Wal-Mart.  And they’re headquartered in Lincoln’s state.  And yes, Wal-Mart’s PAC has given tens of thousands of dollars to Senator Lincoln.

You should be ashamed for putting corporations over constituents, Senator Lincoln.  And we should all be ashamed of allowing this practice to occur!

By walterh

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