So I got an email from Donald Wildmon of the AFA tonight. He’s urging everyone to forward his message to everyone in their address book. In part, it read:

I’m writing asking you to help us and also to motivate others to get involved. AFA and other groups have called for a day of TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party rallies across the U.S. on April 15, including one at noon in front of the city hall in your community. Get with a few friends and go to the rally.

Taxed Enough Already?  Why is it that Mister Wildmon is telling lies to his supporters?  The new budget gives the 95% of Americans that make LESS than $250,000 per year a tax break.  That means the 5% of Americans that make MORE than $250,000 are going to have a tax INCREASE.  Shouldn’t millionaires pay their own fair share?  Thing is, it really must include Wildmon.  In 2005, the AFA filed with the IRS that they paid Wildmon $110,000 per year, plus another $30,000 in bonuses.  Surely he’s gotten raises since then.

So now – is Wildmon concerned about the national debt, or is he just trying to get his “sheep” to protest for him to protect his own wallet?  If he was concerned about the national debt, why didn’t he say anything under President Bush?  Did he just notice the National Debt Clock or something?

Funny… Isn’t “Thou shalt not lie” (actually, “thou shalt not bear false witness”) one of the Christian commandments?  Is Wildmon worshipping the All Mighty, or the All Mighty Dollar?

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