Mark Halperin had been contentious and questionable during the entire Presidential election, like the week that John McCain could do nothing without it being gaffe-filled and Obama had a stellar week, but by Halperin’s take, McCain “won the week”.

Still, it’s good to read various reporters, no matter what slant they try to put on the news.  Yesterday, Halperin put out a “final report cards” for the 2008 race, where he was complimentary to Obama and his staff.  Cut to the report card for John McCain, where the terms “risky”, “rudderless”, “erratic” and “uneven” were used, but Halperin still managed to squeak out a B- as McCain’s final grade.  But what is the icing on the cake?  Halperin had this to say about McCain’s campaign:

He lost his bearings as often as he failed to drive a message, and presided over a campaign so disorganized and faction-filled that it might as well have been the effort of a Democrat.

Wow… Thanks for playing, Mark, but you’re still a douchebag.

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