Okay – I almost spit when I heard the latest Dunkin Donuts commercials.  But first, a little background.  Who do you think owns Dunkin?  Did you heard that they got bought out a few years back?  I did, and the name just blew me away.  It was a three partner buyout that included the Carlyle Group.  You remember them, right?  George H. W. Bush and his ilk?  The same people that were meeting with Osama bin Laden’s family on September 11th, 2001?  Yeah, they are part owners in Dunkin Donuts now.

So I thought it was going to be a little odd, but hell, they’re capitalists and want nothing more than return on investment.  They have slowly tried to rebrand away from donuts and towards coffee.  They seem to be doing okay so far.

That brings me to tonight’s new commercial airing on The Discovery Channel during some mindless show.  It’s a lady in a labcoat, asking people to judge two different coffees.  The person chooses “A”, and the shot goes to the clipboard where “A” is Dunkin Donuts and “B” is Starbucks.  (Note: You only ever see cup A – you never see cup B at all!).  After a few people from the street/garage/etc tell her that “A” is their choice, and she checks it off her sheet, the announcer comes on.  And what does the announcer say?

REAL hardworking Americans prefer Dunkin

Wow… So do these REAL hardworking Americans only live in Palin’s pro-American and more-patriotic sections of the US?  Come on, Dunkin Donuts.  Why don’t you just start using the “elitist” crap on Starbucks patrons?

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