Okay, so sometimes satellite radio is more useful than 24 hour trance music…  This morning as I drove into the office and was listening to XM’s POTUS08, they had a guy from PolitiFact.com on to talk about some of Palin’s issues.  The issue that I am most interested about was the librarian scandal, because banning books and censorship is NOT a quality I look for in a person looking for a job in the White House.

The link to PolitiFact’s article on the scandal is here.  The facts remain, though:

  • Palin did, on 3 different occasions (including one before she took office) ask about the possibility of banning books
  • The one book that IS recalled as being in question (to be banned) is “Pastor, I am gay” by a local Wasilla author
  • Palin did ask people to resign in a loyalty oath test, and was sued for it

So basically the story IS true, based on PolitiFact’s investigation.  Snopes went and found that the circulating list of books (which include some published after Palin took office, some after Palin left office) is totally false.  But the facts show there was at least one book she wanted banned, and that book tells you a lot about how she feels about gay people!

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