Okay – I am a political geek, and have loved watching Democratic conventions since I was a youngster.  This one just blew my mind.

As the custom, the roll call took place, and when the votes got close enough, the home state was yielded to.  Illinois took the floor, and looked like they were about to put Obama over the top – when Illinois yielded the floor to New York!

You should have heard me – and probably every single other viewer – at that point.  WOW does not even start to describe it.

And when New York turned it over to their Senator, Hillary Clinton, to finish the contest, I have to say it brought a tear to my eye.  I wasn’t the only one – CSPAN cut to many in the crowd, eyes swelling with tears of pride, overcome with emotion.

Hillary, I did not always like what you did during the campaign, but continued to like you and your husband.  But what you did there filled me with pride.  You go, Hillary!

By walterh

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