As I write this at 10PM on the West Coast, Obama is now less than 75 delegates from the magical 2026 number that, until Florida and Michigan are seated, is the number necessary to get the Democratic nomination.  Now that he has the majority of the electable delegates and being so close the magic number, there is going to be movement of super delegates TO A POINT.  I am thinking that there will be a movement of about 45 to 50 super delegates that will declare before the next caucuses and primaries, and then the stream will be cut off.  Nobody wants to be the super delegate that put one candidate over the top.  That’s why I think there will be movement, then let one of the last remaining states (or PR) put Obama over the edge.If they are smart, knowing that Puerto Rico is going to be a win for Hillary, it needs to be done right before Puerto Rico votes.  That way, even though Hillary will win Puerto Rico, Obama will reach the magic number and claim the nomination, overshadowing Hillary’s win. 

By walterh

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