Nice little story that just passed over my inbox…  Looks like Guiliani, who said that he would take a leave of absence/leave his “day job” at the security company when he started his run for the Presidency, didn’t.  Gee, another republican liar?

Looks like Rudy may just be in trouble with the FEC because of expenses for his campaign being picked up by the corporation that he works for.  This is a BIG no-no.  As one strategist said, “This is a lawyer’s nightmare”.

But this is my absolutely favorite quote from the article:

Giuliani formed the firm after he left the New York mayor’s office in 2002. He built upon the reputation he earned while helping the city recover from the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to advise clients across the world on security issues.

Gee.  Isn’t this the SAME Rudy that didn’t heed the warnings of the 1993 attacks, didn’t fix the problems with the radios for New York firefighters and cops?  And moved the central headquarters for the emergency services for the city of New York to the top of the World Trade Center?  If I was looking for security services, I would go for someone who had a better record than THAT.

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