Well, as expected, Cindy Sheehan did not get any news out of Conyers or Pelosi.  Sure, Conyers said that if he heard from three more Representatives that they signed on to HR. 333 (Kucinich’s Impeachment of Vice President Cheney) that he would begin proceedings, but was that honest or a way to get Sheehan out of his office?  With as much as the Democrats are cowering behind the “It would deflect away from our purpose in the Congress” excuse, it really sucks to be a Democrat.

Instead, Sheehan got arrested for not leaving Conyer’s office.  When they were putting her and the other activists on the police bus, Sheehan called it her “campaign bus”. At least she is keeping a positive attitude about the US screwing over her, as well as the troops!

Sheehan did declare her candidacy for Pelosi’s job.  That is one candidate that I WILL support.  After all, more than 50% of the country supports impeachment of Dick Cheney, and almost 50% supports impeachment of Bush.  And Democrats think impeachment would be a distraction?  How about it being what the majority of the nation DEMANDS!

By walterh

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