I didn’t catch all of the debate; I was able to catch just the last fifteen minutes.  However, two things struck me.  First, the format of the debate was very interesting.  I liked the concept; questions submitted directly to the candidates from the public.  It makes me wonder what questions the Republicans should get…  Anyway, my favorite thing was the last question, where the candidate was to look to their left and say something nice about that person.  When they came to Rep. Dennis Kucinich, he looked and since he was last in line, deadpanned “There’s nobody to the left of me”.  Of course the crowd love it.  Literally and politically, there is absolutely nobody to the left of Rep. Kucinich.

So, what questions would you ask a republican candidate?  I would like to ask Giuliani, “If you new the dangers, why did you move the New York emergency crisis center into one of the World Trade Center buildings, knowing it had been a terrorist target in the past?”.

By walterh

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