If you are interested, as I was, as to what exactly happened in Representative John Conyer’s office yesterday, when Cindy Sheehan marched into his office, there is a good writeup by David Swanson over who was arrested yesterday with Cindy.  In all, it seemed like some of Conyer’s staff was sympathetic (as were some of the police who had to arrest the protesters), while others saw the whole thing as bothersome.

Personally, I have admired Rep. Conyers for quite a while.  But yesterday, that admiration dimmed when he revealed that if he were to pursue impeachment, “just think about what FOX news would do to him”.  Wha?  Since when should a Congressman put an image from a (debatable) news organization in front of their constitutionally mandated responsibilities?  That is shameful.

What is it going to take to get our Democratic leaders to take notice?  Dick Cheney killing and sucking the blood of a soldier while George Bush does cocaine off the soldier’s dead body?  Truly, truly shameful.

By walterh

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