I’d like to give a big shout to Jeff from the DNC, who helped me carry the recycling to the curb and shared his uplifting, progressive energy with my wife and I. It was perfect timing as she and I had just decided that we could afford to give $50 to a candidate or an org, we just hadn’t decided if we’d spread it around or give it all to a single entity. So Jeff, thanks for the chat and your effort to do something to help make America a living, breathing beacon of hope and compassion.

I have not automatically agreed with all DNC policies and priorities, but the Democratic Party is currently the only one running candidates nationally that can put a stop to the insane, perverse kleptocracy enshrouding our democracy. The Regressivist Clonebots that are the GOP machine will stop at nothing to maintain control of their blood-soaked money-gusher. They quake in abject terror at the thought of the Democratic caucus wielding subpoena power. They use almost comically, pathetically stupid lies and slurs in their campaign ads, they ooze like Lovecraftian-ichor over the airwaves and down the cables.

Every race is in play. We’re going to see some really unexpected outcomes that will prove that any race can be won by Democratic candidates. This year, in 2008, and beyond.

This is a perfect time for you to give anything you can to the progressive candidate or org of your choice. The DNC is a smart way to get your money where it needs to go. And as if you needed any more convincing, many states (Oregon Included) allow a tax credit of up to $50 per individual to be taken for donations to a campaign. Be strong, work hard, have faith that we will change America for the better.

By Black

36-yo, married a year(though we've been together for 14 YEARS NOW!!). Used to be a record producer and glass-blower, but Parkinson's Disease has put an end to those pursuits. Ah, but since diagnosis in 2004, I've been painting a great deal. Acrylics, kinda post-impressionist. I plan to post examples soon. I am a member of the Democratic party in America, Sinn Féin in Ireland. I have gained great peace through studying the words of Jesus Christ and the Buddha. The 'religious right' is neither-- Fundamentalism in any religious framework ignores the reality of abstract reasoning and the God-given RIGHT of free thought--INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO BE AN ATHEIST OR AGNOSTIC. If fundamentalist Christians were actually serious about following Christ's teachings, Bush et al would be in prison for life without parole-- because as a Christian I do not support the death penalty.

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