Reading an article on which Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell is trying to distance himself from the growing scandals in Ohio with the GOP, he makes an incredible statement. Blackwell claims that the current governor has “governed like a liberal Democrat” and spending has accellerated.

WHAT? Um, under conservative Democrat Bill Clinton, government actually shrank and we ran surpluses. Under George Bush? We’ve had some of the largest growth in government in the history of this nation, and spending is so bad that we had to raise our debt ceiling to $9 TRILLION dollars. Most calculators can’t even input numbers that high!

Why would Ohio want to elect someone who, when asked a question, responds like this:

Q: As secretary of state during the 2004 elections you were criticized by Democrats for your closeness with the Bush campaign and your management of Ohio’s elections. How you do you respond to those critics?

A: The one big criticism is that I was the chief elections officer, but I was also an honorary co-chairman of the Bush campaign. Well, if you go back and you look at Bob Taft, Sherrod Brown, Anthony Celebrezze, all three were my predecessors. They had leadership positions in the campaigns of their respective party’s presidential nominees. All of them. … If somebody just has a problem with me doing those two roles but didn’t have a problem with my predecessors, then that’s their problem.

He’s in charge of fair elections, but he’s actively working to get a certain candidate elected — and WE’RE the ones with the problem?

By walterh

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