As if our own lives weren’t busy enough, along comes Cindy Sheehan to show that we move in slow motion compared to her!

First, Cindy showed up with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to bash Bush. Conservatives are going to try and have a field day with that, especially those like 700 Club preacher Pat Robertson. Pat – you called on Chavez to be assassinated. Are you going to say the same about Cindy now?

Then there was the news that Cindy was considering a run against Dianne Feinstein for California Senator. This of course is going to worry some on the Left — the DLC side of the Democratic party.

Then, while the Nation was focused on the State of the Union, Cindy was arrested by the Capital Police for sitting in the gallery to watch the State of the Union — for wearing a tee shirt that said, “2,242 DEAD. how many more?” Bush can’t take anything but a stacked deck. He couldn’t afford to be in the same room as Cindy, less he have some attack of conscience or something. 🙂

Keep going, Cindy!

By walterh

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