After Rep. Jean Schmidt tried to call out Rep. Murtha on the House floor a couple of weeks back (and has since been proven that she both violated House Rules *and* lied about what her phone conversation was about), the Democratic party has tried to put pressure on Schmidt by putting a “Shame” billboard in her district.

Well late today, the Democratic Party found out that the company who owns the billboards, Lamar Advertising Company, has pulled out of displaying them. This is after both approving the ads and signing a contract to display them.

Pissed off? I am. Let Lamar know. Click here to go to Lamar’s contact page, or you can email or call the person in charge of Lamar Outdoor Advertising. Her name is Tiffany Wall, and her contact information is as follows:
Phone: 800-235-2627
Fax: 225-928-1034

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