A coalition of Republicans and at least one Democrat is trying to push forward the idea of forcing the over-the-counter medicine Sudafed, commonly used by just about everyone for sinus problems, to be put behind the counter and dispensed by a pharmacist of pharmacy technician. The reason I bring it up, though, is a statement that shows the lawmakers clearly out of our reality. Senator Jim Talent of Missouri said, “”Consumers can buy two or three packages of this at once at the same place they’ve been buying all their drugs…”

No. Consumers don’t go to a drug store specifically to pick up cold medicine. Most consumers are of the “one stop shop” variety, who pick up their groceries, goods, and medications all in once place. So this means that if the pharmacies are closed, you can’t get sinus medications. It takes time away from families. It’s not a good away to deal with the situation.

By walterh

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