If Simon Rosenberg has his way, as head of the DNC, he would lobby to redo the Primary calendar, limiting the impact that New Hampshire and Iowa have on the early election cycle. It’s been called for by some people for a while; and with good reason. Spreading out the state primaries would even the playing field, for all candidates.

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Democrat Seeks to End Iowa, N.H. Power

Sat Dec 18,12:45 AM ET

WASHINGTON – If Simon Rosenberg decides to run for Democratic Party chairman, he won’t be able to count on much support from Iowa and New Hampshire.

“Iowa and New Hampshire should not go first in the primary calendar, and we need to create a system that allows other states to have equal footing,” said Rosenberg, president and founder of the New Democrat Network, a centrist issue advocacy organization based in Washington.

“I have no problem with Iowa and New Hampshire being part of the early states, but their days as the sole arbiters of who our nominee is should come to an end,” he said Friday.

The 41-year-old Democratic activist wants states with more diversity and from different regions of the country to have more of a role. Rosenberg plans to announce after the holidays whether he will run for Democratic chairman.

The Democratic National Committee (news – web sites) formed a 40-member panel a week ago to study whether to shake up the dominance that Iowa and New Hampshire hold in presidential nominations.

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