After the great push by Kerry supporters against the Pro-Bush Sinclair Media Group, who’s television stations reach 24% of US households, it appears that there’s more action to come.

The website is still in play, telling people how they can deal with Sinclair, especially if there’s a Sinclair station in their town. People can speak out against the pro-Bush commentary made nightly by Sinclair corporate spokesman Mark Hyman.

We made them seriously alter the Kerry slanderous film plan that they had right before the election. Let’s keep it up!

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Wednesday 15th December, 2004

Liberal groups take on Sinclair
Big News Wednesday 15th December, 2004

A coalition of liberal political groups launched a campaign Tuesday accusing the Sinclair Broadcast Group of misusing public airwaves for politics.

The collection of groups, led by Media Matters for America, plans to urge supporters to write letters to companies that advertise on Sinclair’s 62 TV stations — but is not planning so far to call for a boycott of advertisers, The Los Angeles Times reported.

In addition to Media Matters for America, the coalition includes, Campaign for America’s Future, Alternet and MediaChannel.

Also a member of the coalition is filmmaker Robert Greenwald. He produced the documentary Outfoxed, which argued the Fox News Channel is biased in favor of the Republican Party.

The campaign is targeting the Maryland-based Sinclair Broadcast Group through a new Web site — Its main target is The Point — a nightly commentary by Sinclair corporate spokesman Mark Hyman that runs on a majority of the company’s stations.

Hyman routinely accuses the media of having a liberal bias, while using his commentary to express support for Bush administration policies, the Times said.

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