So you’re sitting down about to eat, or you’re minding your own business at the mall, and some Fallwell wackjob starts in on “How the gays will ruin marriage”. It’s easy to put them in their place — just ask this question:

Do you think that homosexuality is a choice, or is genetic?

If they say that it’s a choice, follow up with the question, So, since you believe that homosexuality is a choice, and since, say, a person’s religious preference is a choice, then you’re saying it’s OK to, say keep Methodists from marrying. Or Lutherans. Or Catholics. Is that right? There’s no way out of that argument.

If they say that it’s something a person is born with, follow up with the question, So you’re saying that, say a black person or a left handed person, since they’re born that way, it’s OK to keep them from getting married? Likewise, there’s no way for them to get out of this either.

Try it. It will either shut them up, or the person will get so furious that you’ve shown them up, that they will make a total ass of themselves.

By walterh

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