The name Osama bin Laden hasn’t been uttered by Republicans in ages; as a matter of fact, it wasn’t even said once during the four day RNC. But Osama’s popping up now that we’re getting close to election day.

Senator Patty Murray of Washington state is being portrayed in ads by her rival, George Nethercutt, as trying to make bin Laden a hero. Her statements at a 2002 meeting with high school students, in explaining why some people in the Middle East respect bin Laden, said that he was a hero to some for building roads and schools. She also said that he was “an evil terrorist”, but of course Nethercutt edited the shot to pull that out.

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Republican uses Osama bin Laden in ad assailing Washington senator
WASHINGTON (AP) _ Democratic Senator Patty Murray of Washington says her opponent’s ad accusing her of having a “different view of Osama bin Laden” is playing politics with terrorism.

The ad by G-O-P rival George Nethercutt uses a picture of bin Laden and the senator’s words to attack her credentials in the war on terror.

The ad shows Murray telling a high school audience in 2002 that bin Laden had been at work improving the lives of people in unnamed countries making them grateful for schools, roads and better health care.

She says the widely reported remarks were clearly explaining to students why bin Laden — whom she called — “an evil terrorist” — has some popular support.

A campaign spokesman says the ad is another example of Republican “slime ball politics.”

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