There’s an excellent idea posted on a talk radio message board, about what you as a single person can do to influence (read: piss off and make look foolish) Republicans (click for link). Basically it boils down to doing the following:

1. Download and print out several copies of documents showing the idiocy of Republicans, fact for fact. They can be found by clicking here. These documents were put together (and idea conceived by) Project for the Old American Century.
2. Go to the website, click on “Neighbor Search” and then search for your address/zip code. You will find everyone who has donated a reported amount of money to any candidate.
3. Get the names and addresses of those donating money to the Bush/Cheney campaign.
4. Stuff the documents you downloaded and printed out into envelopes, put on the name and address of a Bush/Cheney supporter, stick a stamp on it, and mail it.

Can you imagine how peeved they will be, seeing themselves proven to be an idiot for supporting this corrupt Administration?

Get lickin!

By walterh

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