OK, they say that you can’t blame a guy for trying. But I’ll take exception to that on Mark Racicot’s recent trip to Louisiana. Racicot is Bush’s National Campaign Chairperson, and he is trying to shore up states that Bush needs to win (click for story). Trouble is, with Louisiana, ProudLiberal thinks he’s barking up the wrong tree.

See, the last few elections, Republicans have gotten their butts kicked in Louisiana. There’ve been some high profile wins for the Democrats, which means high profile losses for Bush and his party. Bush won Louisiana by just over 50% in 2000, which is lower than most other Southern states. What shows that the repugnant republicans are out of touch is, Racicot just *screams* that Louisiana is “in tune” with Bush. They’re in touch, all right. In touch with the thousands of Louisiana jobs that have left because of Bush. In touch with having a large, virtually unprotected water port, that Bush has denied funding to make secure. In touch with Bush and that he’s a deserter.

No, Racicot. Bush didn’t volunteer for Vietnam. You can’t pull that one over on Louisiana, either. Louisiana is in tune with Bush; and they’re about to change the channel.

By walterh

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