Is Oklahoma the new hotbed of liberalism? Looks like something is up, according to this article showing that Democrats are finding quite a bit of support in usually conservative Oklahoma. I guess the people of the normally “Red” state are fed up. Could it be the thousands of jobs lost there? Could it be that people are finally coming out of the ether?

Glad you’re waking up Oklahoma! Welcome to the party.

But there’s two things that disturb me about the article. The first is the part where Ms. Skotarek says that she is voting for Bush still. The war in Iraq was a big issue on campus, “but it’s died down pretty much.” HELLO? Our young men and women are coming back in body bags! When they institute the draft in a couple of years, and it’s going to happen, Ms. Skotarek, YOU may be one of the people called up for duty! Then there’s Paula Howard, who says basically that her dad was proud when he became old enough to vote, but she says, “but I don’t care.”

This is who we’re entrusting our futures to?

By walterh

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