How would you spend $1.5 Billion of our hard earned tax dollars? Helping hungry children get a good meal at school? Health insurance for those that need it? Extending unemployment benefits for those people whose benefits have run out? Well if you’re George Bush, you’d give that money to religious organizations “to promote marriage”.

Yes, it’s true. George Bush wants one billion dollars of federal taxes and half a billion of state and local taxes to be given to people like The Reverand Sun Myung Moon, Pat Robertson, and Jerry Falwell, so that they can create programs to promote marriage. Heterosexual marriage only.

What happenned to the separation of Church and State?

This is the first step that George Bush is taking on a federal amendment to the constitution to ban gays and lesbians from marrying. Now that the United States Supreme Court has struck down the Texas sodomy law, there is no legal criminilization of gays and lesbians, Bush wants to insure that his lasting legacy on this nation’s history, besides being a corporate stooge, is that of a biggoted civil rights shredder.

By walterh

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