This headline irks me to no end, and the article is even worse.  The headline in question, is:

Exclusive: Democrats lose ground with millennials – Reuters/Ipsos poll

Seriously, if you care about the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections, this should worry you.  But what’s worse is when you actually delve into the article.  And that’s when you come across this little gem:

And they increasingly say the Republican Party is a better steward of the economy

I know, right? Does it matter that if you look back through time, it’s evident that the economy does better under Democratic administrations than republicans?  Does it matter that GDP growth under Democrats is better than Republicans?  Does it matter that the last few recessions that we have had to endure have been caused by Republicans, and have been fixed by Democrats?  Does it matter that we ran surpluses under Clinton and Obama, but deficits under Reagan, Bush 42 and Bush 44?  Apparently not.  Why?  Because Republicans are good at messaging.

And the thing that truly gets me is the evidence that they pulled in the article was that the person being interviewed “saw fewer taxes taken out of their paychecks”.  I mean come on!  Paul Ryan saying that that extra $1.50 in your paycheck was a great thing, right?

Jesus fucking wept, people.

By walterh

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