We have to do something  about our present course of energy use.  There’s already a “tipping point” article that scared the hell out of me the other day (you can read it here).  So we need to do something!

This weekend I was reading a story that popped up in my Google “keywords” news alert for airplanes.  It was about a solar plant in the Mojave desert that could, possibly, cause all sorts of issues.  For example, it could burn or incinerate birds if they glide into the path of the garage door sized beam of sunlight.  Or, the authors say, it could incinerate the wing of an airplane if it flew into the beam.  So that’s why people are against this.

Here’s the thing: If we don’t do anything, there won’t be birds left to worry about – nor humans!

We have to come to some sort of agreement.  This plant would be a godsend.  Why?  Because it would create energy from nature and power thousands of houses and businesses, instead of relying on fossil fuels.  The airport that’s located nearby?  It can be relocated.  And pilots can be taught to avoid flying in the area.  Don’t think so?  Try flying over Area 51 or the White House.  That’ll stop a pilot in his or her tracks!

So yes, there’s the wildlife to worry about.  But if we don’t do something now for the planet, there won’t be wildlife to worry about later.

By walterh

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