Like many Americans, I have been watching the Senate wrangle with the issue of unemployment benefits, and the detestable act that Kentucky Senator Bunning has committed in denying benefits be continued.  Then I watched as Senator John Kyl of Arizona, the number two Republican in the Senate, call people that got unemployment benefits “lazy”.  This was pretty much a horrible situation for the American people.

But the big “FU” was not just Bunning flipping the bird to the American public.  It came in the form of an accusation from CNN reporter Christine Roman this morning.  Did you see it?  Roman, in explaining that the benefits finally passed last night, said, “Why did Democrats let this go for so long?”  Yes, she blamed DEMOCRATS for the fiasco.  I’m sorry, but when did Senator Bunning cross the aisle and become a Democrat?  Which top Democratic Party Official in the Senate asked Senator Bunning to object to the unanimous consent on the continuation of unemployment benefits?  NONE!  What CNN’s Roman did was subtle, but nonetheless, a jab at Democrats instead of the real culprit, Senator Bunning and his supporters.  I’ll post the transcript when it comes out.

CNN, you not only got it wrong this morning, you got it FOX NEWS wrong!


ROBERTS: You got a Numeral for us this morning, a Romans Numeral?

ROMANS: I do, and this has do to with broken government, everybody — a 11.5 million people. Eleven and a half million people who for five days have been watching as the Democrats let the situation marinade and as Jim Bunning continued to talk about how we have to talk about — 11.5 million people are the number of people who get unemployment checks.

Many of the (ph) people couldn’t feed their families without them and I just think that — and what I’ve been getting — the feedback that I’ve been getting from our viewers and the like and on Facebook and on Twitter is that a lot of people have been watching this, quote- unquote, “Bunning bashing” but have been saying, wait a minute, why did the Democrats let this go on so long?

Couldn’t they have fixed this last Friday? Did they — is this — is this also political maneuvering on both sides? And 11.5 —

CHETRY: And the answer is yes.

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