I have to admit, it is kindof fun watching the idiot republicans pull themselves away from reality and try and dig into this birther thing.  It’s almost as disgusting as watching Representative Virginia Foxx lie on the floor of the House.  But I had to do something.  I mean these people are so divorced from reality that it’s disgusting.

Then I heard the President use the L word.  Lie.  And you know what?  That started me off.

First, I put together a letter to Representative Foxx and faxxed it to her office.  It basically said, “Dear Representative Foxx, You lied.  You know you lied.  I expect you to do a retraction.”  And then I went and Googled an image of Obama’s birth certificate (which you can find here) and faxed it to Representative Gohmert.  No letterhead, no coversheet.  Just a copy of the birth certificate so he can see it.

I encourage you to do the same.  Call these people out!  When they lie, tell them that they lie, and that you expect a retraction.  And when they go off about Obama’s birth certificate, fax them a copy.  Maybe they’ll get the hint.

By walterh

One thought on “Two things I did to help bring Republicans back to reality”
  1. The time lines, places, actions, motives, when analyzed, support, and are consistent with, what is the answer to the Obama birth puzzle:

    Obama’s grandmother is his mother and his mother is his sister.

    Think about it. Review all the facts and claims.

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