OMFG.  So I get my daily “rant” from, that thinks that they are being oppressed by everyone in this country.  Oppressed, just because people believe freedom OF religion includes freedom FROM religion.  Well today’s “poll” was somewhat of an eye opener.  Get a gander:

ONN Poll

Do NOT get me wrong.  Christians have every right to their own beliefs.  Just like Muslims have their right to their beliefs, Jews have their rights, Mormons have their rights, etc, etc.  But sounding the alarm for being “suppressed by the secular media” because your “rights are being taken away”, now that is a load of bull.

And damn… We homosexuals have a hell of a lot of power, according to these people.  We control the media – or at least the media fears us!  *facepalm*

Want to blow one of these people’s minds?  Introduce them to a Christian HOMOSEXUAL!

By walterh

One thought on “Wow, them homosexuals sure gots power!”
  1. Yep! You homeo-sexualls ain’t gonna be happy til we’re all gay-married and members of the Sierra Club ‘n’ sh*t!

    Yew won’t even be happy ’til we cain’t be allowed to act all oh-pressed and stuff because we acktually isn’t be we play victims real well!

    We’ll all be laffin’ at ya when Jay-sus raptures us up and we’ll be all lookin’ back at y’all getting that last laugh! Eeenjoy the tribule … triblet … triubletsh … suck on them end-times, you non-believers!

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