Picture it. The 2004 election. John Kerry was running a hard race against incumbent George W. Bush for the Presidency. Kerry brought out the big dog, Bill Clinton, who had this to say (click here to watch it on YouTube).

Now, four years later. In a bitter fight for the Democratic Nomination, Hillary Clinton pulls out the fear card. In the tough race for Texas, (which some statistics show may have been thrown to Clinton by the urging of talk radio host Rush Limbaugh), Clinton pulls out the fear card. Her “3AM” ad, as it’s known, basically implies that if you vote for Obama, terrorists will kill your children. Wait, what did her husband say just four short years earlier?

How about the race card? You can decide for yourself if the Clinton camp played the race card in an ad with Obama, where Obama seems to have been “darkened”. Is this Clinton’s Willie Horton tryout? UPDATE: Two hours after I posted this, I got got an email from FactCheck after they did analysis.  Seems that this is a non-issue.  Read their analysis here.

Not only that, but every time Clinton seems to have had a camera in her face today, she repeated the statement about her and John McCain having foreign policy experience and would be great presidents, but Obama just “gave a speech”. Since when is Clinton campaigning for John McCain?

That’s when Clinton lost me. I wasn’t 100% sure until then. I knew that I liked Obama’s style, but I also liked that Clinton said early on that she would have a nice, decent debate with her Democratic rivals. Well she lied about that, and now she’s effectively campaigning for the Republicans.

Mrs. Clinton, please remember. If you get the nomination, you are going to HAVE to have Obama as your Vice Presidential candidate on the ticket in order to overcome McCain. Obama doesn’t need you on his ticket to win. I know that’s a blow to your ego, and I know that you don’t care. You have just shown that you will lie and double-deal and do just about anything to get to the Presidency. You have sunk to George W. Bush’s level.

Clinton won’t care, even if that message does get to her. But Democratic party elders will.

By walterh

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