Okay, this has gone WAY beyond too far.  Now it comes to our attention that Bush is trying to spy on more Americans than he already is, by the use of spy satellites.   Images of the movie “Enemy of the State” are rushing through my head so fast, I may get a nosebleed.

Had enough yet?

The old adage goes, “Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts, absolutely”.  This is the most egregious abuse of power that Bush has ever pushed for.  Who does he think we are, East Germany at the height of the Cold War?  This is ridiculous.

Democrats in Congress: When are you going to WAKE UP and see what this rat bastard is doing to us?  Or are you going to sit idly by like you have been, and give him even MORE power, like with the domestic spying program YOU helped push through before you went on Summer vacation?

By walterh

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