That’s the only thing that I can come up with when I read a local Reno story where Ed Meese was campaigning for Republican Assembly candidate Ty O. Cobb. Meese said that Republicans face challenges, but the “Democratic alternative will keep the GOP in power…” Wha?

And what was even more laughable was the statement, “If Democrats took over the leadership posts, you would have some of the most irresponsible people in Congress as committee chairmen. Not only would there be an increase in irresponsible spending, you would also have a major tax increase. And that would hurt the economy.”

So search the medical records. Was Meese in a coma for the eight Clinton years? Government was smaller, spending was curbed, there was a SURPLUS, and – yes – a tax increase on the ultra wealthy. But the wealthy got wealthier under Clinton with the economy.

Ed Meese, you’re still a pig!

By walterh

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